The CBE Efficiency Management system can be implemented in the
following area’s of your business

CBE Area’s of value adding

  • Route optimisation.
  • Real time order placement.
  • Stock on hand/Availability measurement.
  • Actual vs. Budget, Downtime, Production volume , checklists, tasks.
  • Timekeeping, log sheets, Performance appraisals, leave requests.
  • Procedures(Workflow).
  • Checklists, schedules and Inspections.
  • PPE, Legal appointments, site compliance audits.
  • P&L, Petty cash, etc.
  • Receiving, Dispatch, Stock holding.
  • Shrinkage/Loss, Guarding, legal.
  • Risk management, collateral management.
  • Sampling and Analysis.
  • Measurement with Mobility

  • Accelerated speed of information flow with timely communication to and from the field/site.
  • Improving visibility of field/site activities by automatically updating reports and management systems.
  • Analyse staff through time and motion measurements - increasing accountability.
  • Reduce costly errors that can arise from multiple manual data captures and the need to re-key information.
  • Customer peace of mind through accurate, real-time evidence and feedback.
  • Mobility provides quicker, more accurate strategic intelligence.
  • Real-time data and automated reporting, provides the decision makers with holistic view of business, process and activities.
  • Increase efficiency by applying customised management systems within the mobile platform.
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