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CBE adds value to your company by
driving and mapping all efficiency processes on behalf of the client.

CBE Biz Efficiency

Value Adding

Efficiency Management system can be implemented in Operational efficiency, Staff management, Plant & Equipment management, Health & Safety, Financial controls, Stock and Inventory Control, Risk & Security and Sales Management.

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Driving of efficiency processes

The Mapping and Driving of efficiency processes are done on behalf of the client and we aim to customise all efficiency management systems according to the clients needs and industry specific requirements using a unique mobile data capturing methodology.

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Mobile Data Capturing Methodology

Real-time data and automated reporting, provides the decision makers with holistic view of business , process and activities. By applying customised management systems within the mobile platform efficiency is increased.

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Why CBE Solutions?

Ongoing relationship between us and your business to ensure steady growth.
Expert Commercial and Operational experience ensuring correct process flow and useful management reporting for pro-active decision making.
This ensures information presented is always relevant.
  • Automated reporting – ensuring correct audience receives correct information.
  • Faster more accurate internal and external communication.

    Reporting Platform

  • On and Offline Application.
  • Auto save and data integrity - data never lost.
  • Photo and signature field – authenticating information collected.
  • Task orientated with no user interface – easy navigation.
  • Ability to remote control.
  • Ability to send information in real time.
  • Data push – ability to push workflow down to device/user.